The Podiatrist — Baltimore Residents Discover Top Benefits Of Good Foot Care

Tired feet? The answer might not always be to take a load off, put your feet up, and relax. Sometimes, foot issues need more than the usual foot rub and relaxation. Sometimes, you may need a medical professional to take a look at your feet and make sure that you’re not headed towards a more serious medical condition.

Diagnose, Treat, & Prevent

A podiatrist can diagnose, treat, and prevent foot and ankle problems through medical and surgical means. In short, you get total foot and ankle care. You can seek a podiatrist in Baltimore for such things as heel pain, tendon injuries, foot and ankle sprains, flat feet, bunions, ingrown toenail (which can be very painful), for cuts or cracks in the skin, for scaling or peeling in the sole, corns and calluses, warts, athlete’s foot and other fungal infections such as toenail fungus. Although toenail fungus is considered to be benign on the whole, it can still lead to secondary infection, which can result in serious pain.

From Common To Severe Cases

Beyond treating painful foot and ankle problems, podiatrists will also treat far more severe cases that may have be the result of pre-existing conditions. Diabetics, for one, may be at risk for developing conditions that lead to foot ulcers, which can bring on infection and can lead to amputation. Other conditions like peripheral arterial disease lead to decreased blood flow to lower extremities and this can cause a number of complications including to pain and tissue death.

Diabetic Care

A podiatrist that has had training and experience with diabetic care can help patients suffering from the condition and will provide carefully exam the feet and provide routine foot to prevent serious complications associated with the disease.


Another condition a podiatrist can help with is osteoarthritis. The joints in the foot and ankle are highly susceptible to the degenerative arthritis. If the damage is severe and if conservative treatment (e.g., physical therapy, custom foot orthotics, or anti-inflammatory medication) fails, then a podiatrist will use surgical intervention to treat the arthritic joint.

Custom Orthotics

A podiatrist can also provide custom- orthotic devices to relieve arch or heel pain. Orthotic devices will take the pressure off vulnerable areas and, in its simplest function, allow you to feel more comfortable in your shoes.

Start Healing Today

Your feet are probably the most used part in your body. It pays to take good care of them. So consider scheduling an appointment with a board certified podiatrist right away. Start healing common foot and ankle problems today, and prevent possible severe complications in the future.

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