Care First Podiatrist Towson

Are you looking for a Podiatrist in Towson Maryland that accepts Care First insurance? We here at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center gladly accept Care First, and we are only minutes from Towson, with less traffic, congestion and FREE parking only steps away from the front door to our office. The image below is a screenshot taken from Google … Read More

How To Find The Best Towson Podiatrist

Do you have a foot and/or ankle issue that you would like resolved? Your feet are very important.  You use them everyday to get around and having a foot and/or ankle problem can greatly interfere with everyday activities including work, travel plans, exercise, and playing with your children or grandchildren. Sometimes we take these activities for granted until a problem … Read More

Need A Foot Doctor In Maryland Right Now?

If you’re having a foot and/or ankle emergency and you need to see a foot doctor in Maryland right away, just give us a call at 410-560-2777. Read this guide and you’ll discover… 4 Steps To Your Best Foot and Ankle Health With this information you can make an informed decision. Step 1 Make sure to choose the right foot … Read More