Bunion Surgery

A bunion is a bony prominence where your big toe meets the metatarsal bone. Over time, the bone can become enlarged resulting in pain. Common symptoms you may feel include tenderness and redness. Sometimes the pain can become so severe that you can’t walk properly or even put on your shoes. When all non-invasive treatments have been exhausted, your podiatrist … Read More

Dr. Jordan R. Stewart Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Dr. Jordan R. Stewart of The Timonium Foot and Ankle Center is certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. He completed his surgical residency at Mercy Medical Center and the University of Maryland School of Medicine. His time at U of M also included a fellowship in foot and ankle surgery in the Department of Orthopaedics. During … Read More

Corn Removal Surgery

You have tried every remedy to remove a painful corn on your foot. You have applied powder to stop the sweating between your toes. You have used a pumice stone in an attempt to remove the thick skin. You have even purchased wider shoes to stop the corn from rubbing against anything. But the corn still hurts enough to stop … Read More