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Elaine Fanning

I was first diagnosed with Hallux Rigidus (stiff big toe) on 9/24/2012 by an orthopedic doctor after experiencing soreness of my right big toe. After trying conservative treatments to manage it, I was told the only way to truly stop the degeneration of the toe joint was a cheilectomy surgery.I was not interested in surgery and continued to manage the discomfort by using orthopedic shoes, ice and NSAIDS. Having a high pain tolerance, I ignored the pain. I began focusing on the other join...
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Tim Z

In 2011, I rolled my right ankle while leaving an office building in downtown Baltimore. At the time I thought it was just going to be a mild sprain and with a little rest it would recover on its own. The immediate pain did subside eventually. However, a dull ache persisted several weeks later. The ache was not enough to interfere with my day-to-day activities, yet I was always “aware” of it.               The injur...
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Michael Allison

Before After Several years ago, I suffered an injury to my right great toenail, and it turned black and fell off. As the nail grew back it was no longer attached to the nailbed and it became yellow and thick.  I was very embarrassed about the appearance of my toenail and I avoided wearing open sandals in public. I tried topical medication to treat what appeared to be toenail fungus and there was no improvement. I have had several family and friends who were successfully treate...
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Mary Nichols

Left Right Several years ago, Dr. Stewart removed a large mass from my right big toe that was significantly limiting my ability to walk comfortably and wear shoes.  The surgery was a success and I returned to all my activities and I was able to wear shoes without problems.   Over the last year and a half, I started to notice that my toenails were becoming thick and had yellow discoloration.  I like to get pedicures and was concerned that I might have picked up a toen...
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