Michael Allison



Several years ago, I suffered an injury to my right great toenail, and it turned black and fell off. As the nail grew back it was no longer attached to the nailbed and it became yellow and thick.  I was very embarrassed about the appearance of my toenail and I avoided wearing open sandals in public. I tried topical medication to treat what appeared to be toenail fungus and there was no improvement.

I have had several family and friends who were successfully treated for a variety of foot and ankle conditions at Timonium Foot and Ankle Center and they could not say enough great things Dr. Stewart, his office, and the positive results they had under his care.

I decided to visit Dr. Stewart and I am very happy that I did so.  Dr. Stewart evaluated my toenails and determined that I had a fungal infection on my nails, with the worst nail being the big toe. Dr. Stewart informed me that additional options included taking medicine by mouth or laser therapy. I did not want to take medication for my toenails, and I opted to pursue laser therapy.  

Dr. Stewart gave me very realistic expectations and made it very clear that there were no guarantees that the fungus would resolve with laser and there was always the possibility that the nail would not improve. I truly appreciated Dr. Stewart’s honest and direct approach.  Here we are 3 years later, and my injured toenail remains perfectly clear and I am no longer embarrassed to wear open toe shoes. I could not be any happier with my results and the care provided by Dr. Stewart. I continue to see him today for other foot issues and I would highly recommend his office to anyone in need of a highly skilled foot and ankle specialist.

Thank you for the great results Dr. Stewart!!!

* Results may vary from person to person