Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs (EHP) Podiatrist

We have found that one of your main concerns as a patient is “does the doctor’s office accept my insurance type?”

Do we accept it?

Yes, the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center, a Maryland Podiatrist, proudly accepts the Johns Hopkins Employee Health Plan or EHP.

About the plan

The plan started in 1996 and is a self funded health care plan with over fifty five thousand members in MD, Southern PA, and Northern VA.

Patient reviews

We see many patients with foot and/or ankle problems on a monthly basis that are members of this plan. They all seem very happy with the benefits and customer service that the plan provides.

We as a doctor’s office also find working with them very easy and stress free, enabling us to quickly provide you with the care that you require.

Our listing on their official website

Here is a recent screenshot of our podiatry listing on Johns’ Hopkins directory website, our provider ID number is 201552:

If you are a member of the Johns Hopkins health plan and need a podiatrist, fill out the form on the top right of this page, or give us a call at 410-560-2777 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Stewart.

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