Custom Foot Orthotics as Podiatry Baltimore Treatment for Foot and Ankle Problems

Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts that are specially made to treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions that typically result from abnormal biomechanics.

These devices are used to treat foot and ankle pathology such as plantar fasciitis and tendinitis and they are also used to slow the progression of deformities including bunions and hammertoes.

Dr. Jordan R. Stewart, your podiatry Baltimore specialist can prescribe and design orthotics to treat various foot and ankle conditions.

Prevent foot pain and minimize down time

Dr. Stewart, your podiatry Baltimore specialist uses custom foot orthotics in various conditions. Athletes frequently develop conditions such as plantar fasciitis and tendinitis due to overuse. Your podiatry Baltimore specialist, Dr. Stewart frequently prescribes custom orthotics to provide the foot and ankle the additional support and control needed to prevent foot pain and to minimize down time.


Certain diseases such as arthritis cause joint damage resulting in chronic pain and limited mobility. Arthritis is a degenerative disease that commonly affects the foot and ankle joints. Increased joint motion typically aggravates foot pain with arthritis. Custom foot orthotics, generally with a softer material, are used to minimize foot and ankle motion therefore reducing pain in patients with arthritis.

Standing for long periods

Some jobs place workers as higher risk for aggravating foot and ankle conditions as a result of standing on hard surfaces for long periods. These jobs include and are not limited to hairdressers, factory workers, nurses and retail shop attendants. Custom orthotics, in conjunction with appropriate shoe gear, are commonly used in these individuals to prevent foot fatigue and the pain associated with long periods of standing.

Are custom orthotics right for you

If you have a condition that you think may benefit from custom foot orthotics, do not hesitate to call the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center today to see if Dr. Stewart can help you.

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