Baltimore Cosmetic Podiatry

What Is It?

It’s important to realize that cosmetic foot surgery is not the same thing as reconstructive foot surgery. While cosmetic foot surgery is performed for the sole purpose of making an otherwise healthy foot look better, reconstructive foot surgery is done to correct deformities that generally cause pain or lead to disablity.

For example, cosmetic foot surgery can be done to narrow the feet or shorten the toes, perhaps so they can fit into more stylish shoes. On the other hand, reconstructive foot surgery is performed to correct issues such as flat feet or a bunion deformity.

The Latest Surgical Techniques

At the Timonium Foot And Ankle Center, Dr. Jordan R. Stewart, DPM, performs reconstructive foot and ankle surgery while being especially attentive to the appearance of the foot.

By using the latest surgical techniques, he chooses the best locations to make incisions and takes into consideration the size of the incision to try and minimize scarring.

Dr. Stewart takes all measures to ensure the foot and/or ankle maintain a healthy appearance following reconstructive surgery.

Potential Side Effects & Risk Factors

Performing cosmetic surgery on a healthy foot that functions well is a controversial issue. The feet provide the main support system for the entire body, as they bear all of its weight.

Highly intricate bones, joints, tendons and nerves allow the body to be mobile. The ability to run, walk and even stand up relies on the feet.

Keep in mind that each foot has 28 different bones and more than 30 joints. When something goes wrong with one or both of the feet, the problem can have a negative impact on the entire body.

Because of the complexity of the foot, the chance of infection, nerve damage and the possibility of poor healing, Dr. Stewart does not recommend cosmetic foot surgery.

Additional risk factors of surgery include those related to anesthesia. Following elective cosmetic foot surgery, scar tissue can form and this scar tissue can make the feet appear even less attractive than they were before surgery and they can also cause pain.

There is also the possibility of developing joint pain and chronic foot swelling. This can lead to problems with walking, playing sports, doing simple daily activities, and wearing shoes comfortably.

Because of these facts, the risks associated with cosmetic surgery on healthy feet far outweigh the benefits. The complications that may occur can not only be severe, but they can be long lasting, painful and costly when trying to fix.

Next Steps

If you need reconstructive foot or ankle surgery, and you want the best chance of avoiding cosmetic imperfections sometimes associated with surgery, your choice is clear: Timonium Foot And Ankle Center.

You will always get the best possible care with Dr. Stewart, who is aware of his patients’ cosmetic podiatry concerns. To schedule a consultation with us, call our office at 410-560-2777 or simply fill out the form on the top right of this page.

Dr. Stewart will go over all of your options with you, so that you can make an informed intelligent decision.

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