Are You Making These 5 Mistakes With Your Heel Pain

Are you suffering from heel pain? Have you searched the internet for hours trying to self-diagnose your problem?

Are you desperate for the pain to go away, and willing to try any home remedies?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we’d like to share some important knowledge with you.

But first let’s address some of the mistakes you may be making when it comes to your heel pain.

1. You prefer to diagnose yourself using the internet instead of seeing a doctor.

Look at that – an article on Google says your pain might be a heel spur! As a result of reading this news, you feel relieved to have a possible answer.

You knew Google would come to the rescue… so much easier than going to the doctor. The next few hours are spent researching heel spurs and their treatments.

2. You invent your own treatment plan.

One treatment on Google suggests exercise, so you decide to increase the amount of walking you do each day. You’ll walk the pain right out of that heel, and be back to normal in no time!

But as you do this, the pain seems to get worse and worse. You feel frustrated… this is not what the Google article said would happen.

3. You decide that the pain will go away on its own.

While you wait for it to disappear, you’ll mask your pain by taking some pain medication. After several weeks of feeling taking the medication, you admit to yourself that nothing is changing for the better.

You come to the conclusion that this theory is completely wrong. Next!

4. You continue to practice bad habits when it comes to your foot health.

At this point, you feel that the pain is consuming your life. It seems like you can’t focus on anything else except how horrible you feel. When you happen to see some shoe inserts at your local drugstore, you grab them. They HAVE to help.

When you get home, you quickly put them in your favorite tight-fitting shoes – the ones with the heels. Finally – a cure! After some more walking around, it’s obvious that the inserts aren’t working either. How can this be?

5. You resign yourself to the fact that the pain will never go away.

After much deliberation, you decide to accept the inevitable: You will never get better.

You toss away the registration form for the marathon you run every year or cancel your gym membership and plop yourself in front of the TV. This is just how life will be from now on.

If these scenarios sound all too familiar to you, take a deep breath and realize that there IS hope. There’s actually only one requirement to feeling better: seeing a podiatrist.

A podiatrist will perform a comprehensive exam to determine why your heel hurts. This will include a physical exam and x-rays. He or she will then diagnose your problem and create a treatment plan just for you.

Don’t make the mistakes mentioned above. Life is just too short to suffer unnecessarily from heel pain.

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