7 Great Places To Run In Baltimore

The city of Baltimore is known for its multitude of neighborhoods as well as almost 5,000 acres of parkland. So it’s no surprise that on any given day, you will see people running and jogging on the city’s many sidewalks and trails.

Perhaps you are a runner who is new to the Baltimore area, or maybe you are a local who is simply looking for new trails to jog.

Check out these 7 great places to run in “Charm City”:

1. Baltimore Inner Harbor

Let’s start in the very heart of Baltimore. The Baltimore Inner Harbor is one of the top tourist attractions in Maryland, which pretty much ensures that you will have incredible views. You can run anywhere from 1 to 15 miles on the promenade and docks while taking in the spectacular waterfront sights. Run from the National Aquarium all the way to the Maryland Science Center and back. The skill level of this run is moderate to easy.

2. Patterson Park

Patterson Park is known as “Baltimore’s Best Backyard” for good reason. For over 300 years, it has been a popular place to exercise and picnic while enjoying sparkling views of the harbor. You can run the perimeter of the park in about 2 miles. Big bonus: The pathways in Patterson Park are very smooth and completely ideal for running. The skill level of this run is easy.

3. Fort McHenry Trail

This 1 mile run located at Fort McHenry is anything but boring! Feel patriotic as you run past the spot where Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem. Gaze out at the waves breaking in the harbor as you complete this loop that is recommended for all skill levels and rated as easy. And good news: This trail is dog-friendly!

4. Druid Hill Park Lake Loop Trail

Run through a true urban oasis in Druid Hill Park. Complete the trail once or circle it many times, at 1.5 miles per loop. Your views will encompass everything from picturesque tree-lined woods to the hustle and bustle of downtown life. The skill level of this run is rated as easy.

5. Jones Falls Trail

The Jones Falls Trail stretches along 10 miles in a moderate skill level adventure. Run from the Inner Harbor all the way to the Mount Washington Light Rail Station, passing through the woodsy and serene Druid Hill Park as a special treat! Don’t forget to stretch before and after this one.

6. Gwynns Falls Park

How would you like to run through the largest unbroken urban woods in the United States? Lace up your sneakers and get ready to run through the forest. This moderate skill level run is 5.1 miles, and will enchant you with a view of the falls.

7. Cylburn Arboretum Trail

If you are searching for a peaceful place to run, you’ll find it on Cylburn Arboretum Trail. Run through a forest of trees, flowers and wildlife, passing 2 greenhouses and a tiny museum on the grounds of a 19th-century mansion. This is truly running in style! This trail is a 2.2 mile loop that is rated as an easy skill level.

No matter which of these runs you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Now put on those sneakers and get moving!

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