William and Deidre Archibald


Dr. Stewart’s gift to us:

Several years ago my wife saw Dr. Stewart for pain in both of her feet. She could hardly walk without wincing in pain. Dr. Stewart examined her and diagnosed her with arthritis and determined that she surgery to get her feet with less pain. The operation on her left foot involved an implant, cutting and lengthening a tendon, and realigning her metatarsal by cutting it and fixing it with a screw. The right foot was less involved and only required an implant. After months of being confined to her boot and a knee roller to get around, she is finally pain free and very happy.

My wife and I cannot say enough about Dr. Jordan Stewart. He not only is a skilled physician, but he is a caring and compassionate human being. The health of his patients is paramount. He listens to his patients’ complaints, diagnoses their problems, confirms them, and goes into great detail to ensure the patient understands completely what is happening to them and exactly how he can bring them relief and instill peace of mind.

Take Dr. Stewart and add a great staff and you get a “second family” feeling at the office. Trust in your doctor is crucial and there is no doubt that Dr. Stewart has more than earned ours.

My first interaction with Dr. Stewart involved an ingrown toenail, which he quickly remedied. My second interaction and most recent involved being injured on the job with a ruptured plantar fascia. I incurred the rupture on the job and was placed on FMLA and Workman’s Comp. I was examined and told of my condition and was taken out of work and placed in a boot to wear during the day and provided with splint to sleep with at night. After five weeks I was weaning myself off the boot and back into sneakers. Today I am out of the boot and wearing shoes with special orthotics that Dr. Stewart custom designed for long term treatment of my plantar fascia injury. I now feel much better and feel secure in the fact that, with the orthotics, I can go about my life and work with much more confidence in staying healthy.

A more professional, understanding, and compassionate doctor is difficult to find in the Timonium area. My wife and I have never regretted finding Dr. Stewart.

Thank you Dr. Stewart!”

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