Tonya Hawkins-Brock


I found Dr. Stewart and Timonium Foot and Ankle Center by doing my research online. Prior to visiting him, I had seen several podiatrists for chronic and severe pain in my right foot and I was not pleased with any of them. I never had a sense that they were compassionate about what I was going through with my foot pain. I had severe pain in my big toe joint, across the ball of my foot, and in my toes.

My first appointment with Dr. Stewart was breath taking. I realized that I finally found a podiatrist that listened and understood what I was experiencing. I explained to him that my pain level was always 10 out of 10 or above. He clearly described all my conditions to me in a way that I could understand. At the 1st visit, Dr. Stewart immediately began conservative measures to treat my conditions including anti-inflammatory medications, ice, rest, compression, and custom foot orthotics. He referred me to a specialty running store to fit me for the appropriate shoes that would help my aching feet.

After 4 months of conservative care, I continued to have pain and Dr. Stewart and I agreed that surgery was my only remaining option. On January 10, 2019, Dr. Stewart performed an extensive reconstructive surgery including releasing my calf, performing a midfoot osteotomy, a joint implant, and correction of my toes and metatarsals with screws. As extensive as the surgery was, my pain was minimal after the procedure. Just before going into the operating room, I received a nerve block that resulting in me being pain free for 36 hours after the operation. When the nerve block wore off, I took all of my medications as instructed, but I was still in pain. I called Dr. Stewart and he called me back immediately and he made some minor medication adjustments and my pain level was quickly back to a zero.

Eight weeks after my surgery I was able to wear my tennis shoes again. I did physical therapy for 1 month and this improved my range of motion. I am now 12 weeks post op with no pain in my foot. Dr. Stewart has changed my life. I am now able to walk without my foot throbbing. He cares about your emotional state as well as your physical state. He shows compassion, he listens, explains everything so you will understand, and he does his best to achieve a great outcome. His bedside manner is awesome. Lastly, his staff represents him well and are very nice and polite.

I have recommended Dr. Stewart and will continue to do so. Again, I can’t thank him enough for such a great outcome.

Tonya Hawkins-Brock

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