Susan McLean


My husband and I always went to the podiatrist together. He would drop me off at the door (I can’t walk long distances) and he would go park the car and meet me in the office. The office was always uncomfortable for me because the seats (as in most doctors offices were small and tight- something that is not true at Timonium Foot and Ankle Center). Being diabetics and overweight it was important for us to have our feet checked regularly. Then in October, my husband died suddenly of a heart attack. I was forced into trying to find a new podiatrist because there was no way of walking from the parking lot into the office.

So one day as I was driving around I saw this sign saying “Timonium Foot and Ankle Center” and oh my gosh…no steps, convenient parking, and they took new patients. You can even do everything online…so I made an appointment with Dr. Jordan Stewart.

Now, Dr. Stewart is a no nonsense type of doc…he doesn’t mince words, he doesn’t pretend he can handle everything, but what he does do is display an enormous amount of knowledge in his field. He is aggressive, he is state-of-the art in every detail from his office equipment to his capacity to go right to the computer and prescribe prescriptions, look at your history…I mean it is astounding how smoothly the center runs.

So my first examination was about to begin. He began by looking at my feet. I was comfortable with that. He said I needed to have my nails trimmed (I knew that, that was why I made the appointment), but then he said every toenail had a fungus and offered several ways of treating them. The next thing he said to me was to pull up my pants legs. I told him I wasn’t here for my legs, just my feet. He then told me he needed to see the legs….which were a mess and why I didn’t want him to see them. They had blisters that leaked, they were reddish in color, and as always they were swollen/ like doubled in size.

Dr. Stewart told me he would cut my nails, but he insisted that I make an appointment with the Lymphedema Center at GBMC. He said they would have to work on my legs and that he wasn’t sure if they were even treatable, it was very serious and I needed to do it right away. I was shocked, and scared…I wanted my husband and my other doctor that never looked at my legs back! He gave me my first laser treatment for the fungus and I promised I would call GBMC.

I went to the GBMC Center…spent a long time in treatment, but the next time I saw Dr. Stewart, my feet and legs were half their original size. I truly believe that Dr. Stewart’s quick response to my leg condition has made it possible to keep both legs. I will never forget that. As I said earlier, he knows what he is doing.

I have finished my laser treatment and my toenails are looking like a normal person’s toenails, no longer thick, yellowish, and brittle.

I promise you if you are looking for an expert in his field, a doctor that truly cares, and a doctor that knows how to run a business then you need to contact Dr. Jordan Stewart – he is top of the line.

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