Scott Landsman


“I started seeing Dr. Stewart at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center in November 2012 for chronic foot pain in my right foot and ankle. Prior to seeing Dr. Stewart, I was unable to walk longer than 10 minutes at a time without experiencing severe pain in my foot. I like to play golf and softball had difficulty playing as a result of my pain. I also have 2 young boys that keep me active and I love playing with them, but my foot pain was limiting me.

At my first visit, Dr. Stewart diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and posterior tibial tendinitis. He suggested a conservative treatment plan and we tried everything including stretching, orthotics, bracing and splinting, ice, supportive shoes, steroid injections and nerve ablation. I definitely saw improvement with conservative treatment, but unfortunately the pain relief did not last long and the pain kept returning. The pain eventually progressed to the point where wearing shoes was so painful and this limited my ability to get around with simple everyday activities.

Dr. Stewart had told me that only a small percentage of patients end up needing surgery for these conditions and it turns out that I fell into this small group. I wanted to try to avoid surgery, but after of year of dealing with the pain I decided to do the surgery. In the surgery, Dr. Stewart cut my plantar fascia, released my tarsal tunnel, and drained my posterior tibial tendon.

I am happy to say that 8 weeks after the surgery, I am completely pain free. Dr. Stewart told me exactly what to do and I followed his directions and now I feel amazing. Since my surgery I have been able to walk an unlimited amount with absolutely no pain.

I highly recommend Dr. Stewart and the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center.

Thank you Dr. Stewart.”

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