Robert Wells


Dr. Stewart saved my life!!!  I had chronic toenail fungus on both of my big toes, and I decided to visit the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center for a consultation.  Dr. Stewart reviewed all my treatment options and I ultimately decided to undergo laser therapy. Since my big toenails were so thick, Dr. Stewart suggested removing the involved nails before starting the laser to maximize the success of the treatment.  

For about 10 years, I noticed a small lump at the tip of my left big toe at the end of the toenail.  I thought it was the result of wearing tight cleats and I believed that I had a turf toe injury from playing sports in the past.  I never paid any attention to it and never sought medical attention for what I presumed to be an old injury.  

On the day that Dr. Stewart removed my left big toenail, he noticed a mass underneath of my toenail where I thought I had previously injured my toe.  Dr. Stewart recommended removing this mass sending it to the lab for a biopsy. I am so grateful that Dr. Stewart decided to biopsy the soft tissue mass as it turned out to be a rare malignant cancer of a sweat gland in my big toe, that if untreated, could metastasize (spread) and be very difficult to treat.  My mother passed away from a similar type of cancer in a different part of her body, so this was all very scary to me.

Immediately after making the diagnosis, Dr. Stewart went into action mode and referred me to an oncologist.  I was promptly seen by the doctor and had a PET scan to check my entire body for cancer. Fortunately, my scan was negative, and I did not have cancer anywhere else but in my left big toe.  

I work as a personal trainer and I am extremely active with exercise.  I run a boot camp and I like to run, and lift weights and I am a former bodybuilder.  The treatment for the malignant cancer in my big toe was a partial amputation of the toe.  When I heard this news, I felt frightened and depressed, but I knew what I had to do to preserve my health.  Dr. Stewart successfully removed part of my toe and the entire tumor was removed with clean margins. Dr. Stewart guided me through the process and always get a positive attitude.

I have fully returned to activity without any restrictions and I am running and in fact I am happy to say that my body fat has come down with my increased running.  If it wasn’t for the toenail fungus, I would have never had medical attention and if it was not for Dr. Stewart’s careful examination, I would have never had the mass biopsied.  I am very grateful to Dr. Stewart and the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center for the wonderful care I have received and for saving my life. I have referred many of my own clients to Dr. Stewart and they have all been very happy with their care.

Thank you, Dr. Stewart!

Robert Wells

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