Robert Stevenson


My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Stewart for years. I have always suffered from problems with flat left foot. I have a history of Rheumatoid Arthritis and this exacerbates my pain. I work a part-time job that requires me to stand on concrete floor anywhere from 4-6 hours at a time.

In 2017, I started to develop pain over my posterior tibial tendon and this lead to jamming of my joints. Dr. Stewart treated me conservatively with steroid injections and a walking boot and my pain improved. For long term treatment, he made me a custom ankle brace to manage my condition. I was doing much better, but in January 2018, I developed sudden onset severe pain and swelling in my left foot and I could barely. I went back to wearing my boot full time, icing, resting, and elevating, but the pain was not improving with treatment and I could not function.

Dr. Stewart and I started to discuss surgery as an option to treat my pain, but I really wanted to try to avoid that as the recovery would take a minimum of 6 months. Dr. Stewart uses a therapeutic laser in his office to treat tendinitis and he suggested that I consider this option to treat my condition. The laser was not covered by insurance and I had some reservation about paying for the service without knowing the outcomes. Given the choice of the laser versus a surgery with a long recovery, I decided to invest in the laser therapy. I followed all of Dr. Stewart’s instructions and after 10 treatments and within 3 weeks my pain was 99% gone. Dr. Stewart made it clear to me that I may always have some discomfort in this foot. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am now 4.5 months out of treatment and I am virtually pain free. I am back to work and continue to use my brace as instructed and I am back to living a normal life.

For anyone suffering from similar conditions that can be treated with therapeutic lasers, I highly recommend this treatment. It was one of the best investments I have made for my health!

Robert Stevenson

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