Richard Niehaus


“I wish to take a moment to explain how much your treatment of the pain to the balls of my feet has restored my quality-of-life. Prior to seeing you, I would restrict the number of steps I took and consider the number of steps and type of footgear necessary before agreeing to go to an event. Today I am able to go places and accomplish more each day as a result of your treatment.

In 1992, I had a most unpleasant experience with another foot doctor for the pain to the ball of my feet and as a result I have lived with this painful foot condition for almost 20 years.

Thankfully, my primary care doctor referred me to you in July. Upon our initial treatment, the results were wonderful and I was 90% pain free and the subsequent treatments have restored my feet to normal.

Today I can go anywhere without worrying about having pain in my feet. In August, I spent a week exploring the Grand Canyons in Arizona. I can now be on my feet all day at work. I used to dread mowing the yard and I now look forward to this. This truly has been the single best medical event in the last 20 years of my life.

I can’t thank you enough Dr. Stewart for all you have done. My everyday activities are performed pain free for the 1st time a very long time.”

* Results may vary from person to person