Rachel Bauerle


“I started having pain and swelling in my left foot and ankle towards the end of 2010 for reasons unknown. I started seeing an orthopedic surgeon for the issue and went through boots, shots, physical therapy, medication, etc. without ever knowing what was causing the pain. The doctor was at a loss as to what could be wrong. Although I was in pain, I got tired of all the different treatments not working and I took a break from the doctor and hoped my foot would heal on its own. I was not thinking that it could possibly be anything very serious.

My pain grew worse and my primary physician referred me to Dr. Stewart. I am so thankful that I saw him when I did because within minutes he saw where the problem was coming from. He took an x-ray and confirmed that I had a broken bone in my ankle. He also sent me for an MRI and discovered that I also had a split in my peroneal tendon. After diagnosing my problems, we decided that surgery would be best. Dr. Stewart performed surgery and found that the damage to my tendon was extensive. He did a wonderful job repairing everything and the surgery was a success.

I had a difficult time healing because of swelling and in fact I had a similar problem when I had surgery on my knee on the same side. Dr. Stewart referred me to a vascular surgeon who discovered that I had lymphedema and this required treatment to help my ankle heal. Through it all, Dr. Stewart worked closely with me, the physical therapist, and the vascular surgeon to ensure that I recovered well.

I can’t say enough about how wonderful Dr. Stewart and his staff have been through all of this. Dr. Stewart has taken his time and has genuine concern, which I can’t say for the original doctor that I saw. He has been honest with me from the beginning as to what I can expect and what options I have. While in physical therapy, I’ve heard several other patients come in expressing the same thing about how their original doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong and Dr. Stewart knew right away. He is truly good doctor. Thank you Dr. Stewart!”

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