Patricia Visser


“I hobbled into Dr. Stewart’s office feeling like I was walking on ground glass! Two weeks later I danced into my follow up visit!

My feet hurt and had hurt for years. I knew I had flat feet and plantar fasciitis, but nothing seemed to work. I’d see the podiatrist who would trim my corns, give me some medication then tell me not to walk barefoot and to get new orthotics. We repeated that cycle several times over the years and it wasn’t working. It was time for a change.

My visit to Dr. Stewart was life changing. I had seen Dr. Stewart’s TV ads for the toenail laser treatment and was not about to go to a TV doctor. But when my feet hurt too much to walk on the beach, I checked out his website. His credentials looked solid so I set up an appointment.

Dr. Stewart said, “Yes, you have flat feet and plantar fasciitis, but you also have acute tendinitis in both ankles. And we can fix that!” A cortisone shot, ankle splints for day and foot splints for night plus physical therapy and new orthotics and I am reborn! I am pain free! The ankle splints have been replaced by the comfortable new orthotics.

The future is bright, thanks to Dr. Stewart and his team. Thank you.”

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