Morgan Cook


Since the time of my first appointment at Timonium Foot and Ankle Center, I was immediately impressed. The staff was friendly and my appointment was right on time. Given the amount of physical activity I do, including high intensity interval training (HIIT), weight training, and running, it was no surprise that I have been back to see Dr. Stewart multiple times.

Within the last two years I’ve sprained my ankle twice, twisted it once, and had a bad case of posterior tibial tendinitis. Dr. Stewart took the time to understand my needs and was clear that being inactive was not an option for me.

My most recent condition was posterior tibial tendinitis on the right side. Dr. Stewart treated me with various forms of conservative care including bracing, rest, and orthotics. Unfortunately I had minimal improvement. Dr. Stewart suggested early on that I consider laser therapy. Laser treatments were presented as an option, and although I was both skeptical and hesitant at first, I could not be more thrilled with my results. After dealing with my tendinitis for 3 months with little improvement, I am happy to report with laser therapy my tendinitis resolved in four weeks and it is as though I was never injured at all.

Ironically after my third laser treatment on my right foot, I severely sprained my right ankle. During the treatment sessions, Dr. Stewart’s assistant Laura treated my ankle sprain as well. When I sprained my left ankle a few years back I didn’t pursue laser and it took me 3 months to recover and I still get occasional pain. This time I had a more severe ankle sprain and tendinitis and within just 4 weeks after laser I am back to my normal self and I am pain free.

I am not one for reviews, but if you are struggling with a foot or ankle injury, I HIGHLY recommend laser treatments if they are an option for your condition. Not only did it work for me, but Dr. Stewart’s staff makes the process enjoyable and seamless.

Thank you to Dr. Stewart and his staff for helping me recover quickly!

Morgan Cook

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