Mike Scarpulla


In May 2018, I was in a bad car accident and a bone in my ankle was broken and the soft tissue and ligaments on both sides of my ankle were severely injured. I was told by the hospital to visit a podiatrist upon release.  I did not know any podiatrists and I did an Internet search and by chance found Dr. Stewart. After reading his excellent reviews, I made an appointment to see him and I am extremely grateful that I did.

Upon arrival to his office, I was checked in by the staff and greeted in a courteous way. I didn’t have to wait beyond my scheduled appointment time, which was not my usual experience at a doctor’s office.  This pleasant process continued for the duration of our relationship.

At my first visit with Dr. Stewart, he looked over the reports from the hospital and took his own x-rays in his office. I could tell from my initial interactions with him that he was very knowledgeable and confident. He was able to show me things that were not disclosed to me at the hospital and he explained to me the variety of injuries I sustained in much greater detail and in a way that a non-medical person could understand.

After discussing the injuries and all the treatment options, we decided it would be best to treat my injuries in a conservative fashion, hoping that I would not need surgery. It was a relief that Dr. Stewart was not trying to sell me a surgery that may or may not be necessary. He emphasized that surgery would be an absolute last resort. He provided me with the proper tools so that I was able to get out of my cast at the 1st visit with him and he referred me to a great physical therapist, and we started our journey. 

Unfortunately, due to the extent of the injuries I was unable to heal with conservative care. We then revisited our options. After a detailed discussion with Dr Stewart, we decided surgery was my best option to get me my life back.

I don’t think that anyone would say that having surgery is a great experience, but working with Dr. Stewart and his team was as good an experience as one could get. Everyone down to the nurses and anesthesiologist were very comforting and professional. From start to finish and I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Stewart met with me before my surgery in his office to go over the surgery and the recovery and this prepared me for the experience added to the smooth process.

Dr. Stewart repaired the ligaments on both sides of my ankle, and I am happy to say that the surgery was a success. I saw him multiple times after the surgery to check on my progress and he again referred me to an amazing physical therapist.  Dr. Stewart kept in direct contact with my therapist about my individual recovery and progress throughout the duration. I could tell that my recovery really mattered to both Dr. Stewart and my therapist and my results show that.

I have always been a very active person and have always lifted weights, played football, and wrestled. I am now back to my old lifestyle, which after my injury I feared would be impossible. I can wrestle with my son again and run trails with him and my dog.  Mixed with a little bad luck I am no stranger to injuries. I have had my ACL repaired and my labrum repaired before. If only Dr Stewart repaired knees and shoulders 😊

Thank you, Dr. Stewart, for everything.

Mike Scarpulla

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