Michael Thompson


“I suffered from a painful bunion deformity for at least five years. I began seeing Dr. Stewart and he recommended that we pursue conservative treatment and this included a change of my shoes, ice, ibuprofen, and custom foot orthotics.

My pain continued and I decided to undergo bunion surgery by Dr. Stewart. My bunion was so large that Dr. Stewart had to use plates and screws and I had to stay off of my foot for a total of six weeks. He guided me through my recovery and I’m happy to say that I am 100% pain-free.

In addition to being happy with my results, I have to say that Dr. Stewart is a friendly and personable guy who cares about me as a person. He is not one of those doctors that get you in and out of his office and I never felt as though as I was treated as a number.

I have been very happy with him and have referred several of my friends and family to see him.”

* Results may vary from person to person