Michael Bachman


“In April, I had a flareup of plantar fasciitis that kept me confined to bed for over a week and eventually led to two ingrown nails, probably from compensating for the heel pain by shifting weight forward. After three months of home remedies (note to all: a very bad idea), I finally began searching for a podiatrist.

After hitting the Internet and making some phone calls to various offices in the Baltimore area, I got a really good feeling about Timonium Foot and Ankle Center. The practice seemed like an excellent match. They see a lot of sports injury clients, and that is really important to me as I’m a very active person—and want to stay that way.

When I saw Dr. Stewart, he diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendinitis, and ingrown toenails. Over a few visits, he treated my ingrown toenails and treated my plantar fasciitis and tendinitis with splints, exercises, and orthotics. Dr. Stewart and his staff treated three separate problems, all with a great result. I am active again and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Dr. Stewart!”

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