Melissa Scholnick, RN


“As a nurse and trained triathlete, I have experienced my fair share of foot aches and pains. Last month, the pain on the bottom of my right foot became too difficult to bear and it was interfering with my work as well as the training I had ahead of me.

I visited Dr Stewart last month and he was quick to diagnose all of my problems including plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and tendinitis. He provided me with a comprehensive treatment plan that included an ankle brace to wear in my shoes during the day, a splint to wear at night, and a steroid injection to relieve my intense pain. He also encouraged me to wear the proper supportive shoes as often as possible.

I followed all of his recommendations and I am happy to say that my issues quickly resolved. Dr Stewart, along with his competent staff, fitted me with orthotics to reduce the chance my conditions from returning.

I have been pain free and Dr Stewart has cleared me to resume my training.

My husband Jeff, who is a runner, was so impressed with my progress that he is now being treated by Dr. Stewart for a similar problem. I will happily refer all my nurse friends and fellow athletes to the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center.”

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