Melissa Cohen


“It is my honor and privilege to write a review of my recent experience with Dr. Jordan Stewart. I have known Jordan since he was a child, but this was my first encounter with him on a professional/medical level and I can’t rave enough about his knowledge, professionalism, warmth, and bedside manner. From beginning to end, he ensured that I was comfortable every step of the way. At our initial consultation, Dr. Stewart identified the source of my foot pain and explained that I have hallux limitus or arthritis of my big toe joint.

Jordan explained all of my possible options to overcome my pain and was thorough, detailed and addressed all of my questions and concerns. When we determined that surgery was the most logical solution to relieve my pain, he explained in detail what he would be doing, why he was doing it, and the results I should expect after the surgery. Managing my expectations was extremely important to him. In order to fix my foot, Dr. Stewart had to cut my bone and fix it with a screw. He also released a tight muscle in my calf. On the day of surgery, he was very calming and again, made sure I knew what to expect during and after the surgery. He went over everything with my husband and I to make sure I had the best possible recovery experience. He followed up with me the evening of my surgery to see how I was feeling and again to address any of my questions or concerns.

I’m happy to report that my foot and calf have healed extremely well and I am now walking around “pain-free” for the first time in a long time! I give Dr. Stewart my highest endorsement and would recommend him to anyone in need of a skilled and knowledgeable Podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon!”

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