Lisa Milstead


“At the age of 15, I suffered an injury to my left leg and as a result I developed a drop foot deformity. As a result of the deformity, I have always worn a rigid brace with no give or flexibility. This brace gave me pain and stiffness in my ankle.

Dr. Stewart saw me for a plantar wart and pain to the bottom of the right foot. During my comprehensive examination, Dr. Stewart took the time to evaluate my drop foot deformity and he recommended a more flexible brace as a result of my concerns with the stiffness and pain in my ankle.

Since I have started wearing my new-hinged brace, I feel normal and not like someone that has a deformity. I am a childcare provider and with my old, rigid brace the kids would always stare at me.

With my new brace I don’t notice the kids staring at me anymore and the brace looks just like a part of my everyday outfit. I have regained flexibility in my ankle and my joint pain has dramatically decreased since starting with this new brace.

I can truly say that I feel better about myself. I never would’ve thought that going to Dr. Stewart for a wart and pain on my other foot would have turned out to help my drop foot so much. I am very happy that I have found Dr. Stewart.”

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