Lisa Jones


“2014 was the ‘year of the foot’ for our family, and not in a good way. It all started when I injured my foot while on a weekend getaway with my husband.

I twisted my foot and ankle and there was immediately lots of swelling. I thought that it was just a sprain and that it would heal on its own, so I did not seek medical attention for several days.

When I called Dr. Stewart’s office and described my injury, I got an appointment that same day and it was a good thing that I did.

Dr. Stewart’s exam and x-ray revealed that I had broken my 5th metatarsal bone in several places. The bones were broken in such a way that surgery was required for proper repair.

Dr. Stewart explained that the surgery would be challenging as my bone was in 3 pieces and somewhat soft, but I felt that I was in capable hands.

Dr. Stewart was able to put the bones back together with a plate and 5 screws. The surgery went very well and after six weeks my bone healed fully, and I was able to get the cast removed and at this point in time I am doing very well.

Several months after my recovery, my 20-year-old son stepped on a piece of glass and ended up with a very deep puncture wound on the bottom of his foot. We took him to see the family doctor who recommended that he see a specialist.

I immediately called Dr. Stewart’s office and was able to get him an appointment right away. Dr. Stewart informed us that the puncture was so deep that it actually cut the plantar fascia, but he felt that my son would be fine with the appropriate wound care and offloading.

I felt such relief after Dr. Stewart examined my son’s foot and gave us his diagnosis because I knew he was in good hands and trusted his expertise. My son followed all of Dr. Stewart’s instructions. After the wound was clean, Dr. Stewart closed the wound and my son’s foot has healed and he has had no further issues.

We have both been very pleased with Dr. Stewart’s care and have recommended him to friends, family, neighbors, and anyone that needs a foot or ankle specialist.

Recently, a friend of mine decided to get a third opinion about some foot pain that she has been dealing with for several months and I recommended that she see Dr. Stewart. After only one visit, she is happy that she did.

Thanks so much for your help Dr. Stewart.”

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