Laura C



I decided to visit Dr. Stewart at Timonium Foot and Ankle center because I suspected a fungal infection in my right big toenail and I didn’t want it to get worse. Dr. Stewart confirmed my suspicion that I had toenail fungus and laid out all my treatment options including topical medications, oral pills, and lasers. He encouraged me to make my own decision on how I wanted to treat my toenail fungus. After the options were presented and I choose to move forward with laser therapy as I felt that it gave me the best chance of success with the lowest risk. Dr. Stewart clearly outlined the success rate with treatment and made no guarantees.

I just finished my 4th and final treatment, and my toenail fungus is 100% gone and I am delighted with the results. Dr. Stewart has made it clear that I need to continue with antifungal cream indefinitely. Dr. Stewart and his staff were very professional. Getting an appointment and being seen on time were never an issue. I would highly recommend toenail laser therapy for anyone dealing with toenail fungus. I would also highly recommend this practice and this very knowledgeable and kind doctor.

Thanks Dr. Stewart!!!

* Results may vary from person to person