Kris Caldwell


After numerous years of extended foot pain and numbness I was fortunate enough to visit Timonium Foot and Ankle and Dr. Stewart. My experience begins with my son, age 23, who had an ingrown toenail and needed to see a foot doctor. Since we live in Lutherville and I had not been pleased with 2 other foot doctors I had seen since my last “great” foot doctor retired, I suggested he try Timonium Foot and Ankle since it was close and I had seen Dr. Stewart’s commercials on TV.

Well my son was thrilled that he could fill out all his paperwork online and knew from the website the co-pays he would need. He went to his appointment and was so impressed and pleased with the attention and treatment he received he suggested I give it a try.

I had seen two other doctors over the past 3 years trying to get relief from neuropathy in both feet that is not attributed to any know cause, also a severe hammertoe and bunion and not to mention my big toe was making a left turn.

Dr. Stewart and his staff have been phenomenal. To start with, Dr. Stewart, following his exam, suggested that we try the drug Lyrica, because many people do get relief from neuropathy when using it. I was amazed at the difference after 2 days. If you know anyone who has foot neuropathy they will attest to the pain, burning and inability to keep your feet still especially as you are trying to go to sleep.

After improving the 1st problem I asked if there was anything we could do for the hammertoe, bunion and big toe short of major surgery requiring general anesthesia, which another foot doctor had recommended as the only solution and my heart doctor would not allow general anesthesia.

Dr. Stewart said he could absolutely do it, if my heart doctor approved, under a twilight anesthesia and that my recovery would be 2-3 months. He told me that I would be walking out of the surgery center in a special shoe with crutches. Dr Stewart cleared the surgery with my cardiologist and it was scheduled.

Before surgery he had my husband and I come in for an extended appointment so that he could explain the procedure and the post surgery care to both of us. He gave us the Rxs for pain and antibiotics so that we would have everything we needed when we got home from the surgery.

Well my 3 months are complete and I am ecstatic with my results and Timonium Foot and Ankle. Not only is Dr. Stewart a skilled surgeon, his is also a wound care specialist and a truly caring and compassionate doctor. His staff is helpful, polite and extremely competent. From my first experience on the website through my numerous visits and surgery I have been completely satisfied and impressed and would recommend this practice to anyone in need of foot and/or ankle care.

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