Justin Hebbel


I went to go to see Dr. Stewart for pain I was having in the bottom of my feet from plantar fasciitis. I am a very active person. I run daily, bike, and play soccer 3 or 4 times a week. I tend to over do it and eventually my body has these problems. After about a year of just dealing with the pain I decided the pain it was too much and decided to get some medical help.

I went to see Dr. Stewart, he was pleasant, understanding and knew right away my problem and what to do to fix me.
 He had my feet fitted custom orthotics, put me in a physical therapy program and gave me a pair of night splints to sleep in. I did the therapy for about 4 or 5 weeks and I was not feeling any pain in my right foot anymore. My left foot was still not 100%, but much improved.

At about that time I went back to see him to pick up my new orthotics and to see if I could start running again. I got the orthotics and he told me if I was still feeling pain, that I should get a cortisone shot in my foot as that usually helps get you over the hump and back to feeling normal.

I wore my orthotics for about a month and they were amazing. My feet were much better and running felt great, but, my left foot was still giving me pain sometimes in the mornings and after soccer. I went back to see Dr. Stewart to try the cortisone shot. I did not like the idea of a shot in the bottom of my foot. He said it was not very painful. He gave me the shot and i barely felt it. Since that time I have not looked back. My foot feels great, I just wear my orthotics daily and put the night splints on when I feel a bit of pain and then I am good.

Thanks for all your great help Dr. Stewart and keeping me able to run and play soccer.

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