Joyce Staines


I had been suffering with chronic right foot and ankle pain for over 2 years and I was diagnosed with both plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome.  After seeing 2 other doctors with no improvement, I went to see Dr. Stewart.  By the time I saw Dr. Stewart, the pain was unbearable and keeping me up at night.   

I wanted to avoid surgery if possible. Dr. Stewart took a different approach to treating me and explained how the positioning of my soft tissues were contributing to my pain and as a result he put a treatment plan in place that used medical devices to correct the biomechanical issues that were causing my pain. I wore a brace during the day and a splint at night, I purchased supportive shoes, I went to physical therapy, and I received 2 steroid injections. Finally, Dr. Stewart made me a custom ankle brace to better support my foot and ankle over the long term.  

As extensive all of this may seem, the treatment worked, and I was able to avoid surgery and I recovered in just 4 months. After suffering for 2 years, I am no longer awaken by pain in the middle of the night.

 Have you heard the saying “Third time’s a charm”?  Well, Dr. Stewart was my charm.  I can’t thank him and his staff enough for taking such good care of me.

Joyce Staines

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