Janet Bradley


“This is the BEST place to get true care and GOOD medical attention for anyone with foot and/or ankle conditions.

Our oldest son had seen Dr. Jordan Stewart and staff a year or so ago for an ingrown toenail and we were pleased with the service at that time.

We were so impressed with Dr. Stewart that when I started having an issue in November of 2013, I made an appointment with him. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my left foot. What impressed me was that he did not stop there; he wanted to determine what had caused my left foot pain; as did I. He checked my right foot and ankle and discovered that the ligaments on the outside of the ankle destabilized causing left foot and ankle to overcompensate. In 2007 I fractured my right ankle and was operated on by another surgeon and at that time a plate and screws were used to fix my fracture. Unfortunately, I have lived with pain in my right ankle since the surgery and recovery in 2007.

Dr. Stewart started treating my conditions with conservative methods and my left foot improved, but my right ankle pain persisted. Dr. Stewart felt that surgery would be the best treatment for my right ankle. In February 2014, he performed surgery on my right ankle. He removed the plate and screws that were used in 2007 to repair my broken ankle. Additionally, he stabilized my ankle by removing and re-attaching the ligaments with a state of the art anchor. During the surgery he discovered that one of the screws in my ankle was causing damage to the tendon and he repaired the damaged tendon as well. Following surgery, I was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks and out of work until the beginning of May 2014. I started physical therapy towards the end of April 2014. Post-surgery, I was expecting to be in a lot of pain (based on my prior surgery in 2007); I was pleasantly surprised that the pain was minimal.

In addition to my surgery, Dr. Stewart made me custom foot orthotics for my shoes to help with support (I am extremely flat footed) and went above and beyond to find support braces that would work for me as I have a rare allergy to Neoprene causing the more common support braces to not be an option for me.

I have never had a doctor have so much concern and such a wonderful caring nature. He and his staff take the time to answer any questions and truly take time to give you their full attention. You don’t feel like just another patient or a number. Dr. Stewart and his staff make you feel almost like family.

Today, June 20, 2014, I had my last visit for a while. The ankle is stronger, more stable, and better than it was pre-surgery and it is 200% better than it was before the surgery in 2007. I still will continue to strengthen and exercise it as normal going forward and I know it will continue to improve, even though I am almost fully recovered.

I cannot begin to say thank-you enough to Dr. Stewart and his wonderful staff for all that they did and for being such great care givers. I only wish that I had known of Dr. Stewart in 2007 when I broke my ankle; I know I would not have had the issues that I have had if he had been the one that performed my initial surgery. I consider myself very lucky that I found Dr. Stewart. I will never go to anyone else for foot and ankle issues. I say a HUGE THANK-YOU to Dr. Stewart and staff—You are absolutely the BEST!!!!”

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