Grant Overchashier


As someone who devotes them self to being fit and working out on a daily basis, I was in a panic when I injured my right ankle. I did not know how long I would be out of commission or what I would be able to do as far as exercise. Upon doing research on possible doctors to see about my issue, I came across Dr. Stewart’s practice and I was pleased with the reviews and I decided to make an appointment to see him.

After a thorough exam, Dr. Stewart quickly identified that I had both Achilles tendinitis and plantar fascia. He understood my level of activity and put together a treatment plan that would give me the best chance of recovering as quickly as possible. He placed me a in a walking boot that I wore for six weeks and I used a splint that I slept in every night to stretch my foot and ankle. Dr. Stewart offers therapeutic laser to treat these conditions and I decided to pursue this treatment. I came back to his office three times a week for laser treatment. Thanks to the laser, I was able to recover more efficiently and effectively as most of the pain went away very quickly.

Since undergoing treatment with Dr. Stewart, I have returned to and in some ways surpassed where I had been at prior to my injury. Thanks to the fantastic treatment that Dr. Stewart’s practice provided, I have been able to accept a position at Disney World where I will be working on my feet in a merchandising role.

Thanks to Dr. Stewart and the staff at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center for all the help.

Grant Overcashier

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