Francine Wartow


I have been seeing Dr. Jordan Stewart of the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center for many years. In the past, he has treated me for several conditions from painful flat feet to ankle range of motion issues and most recently arthritis of my big toe joint. Dr. Stewart is always patient and explains everything in terms that the lay person can understand. He takes all my questions (which are many) and is always pleasant and thorough with his responses.

At the beginning of this year, I was experiencing pain in my big toe joint and under my second toe on the ball of my foot. Also, my big toe was bent and leaning into my second toe causing further pain. On top of my foot pain, my hip started to ache as I was compensating when I walked, and my gait was suffering.

Dr. Stewart and I discussed several options to alleviate these conditions. Everything was explained clearly, and I never felt pressured to do agree to something I was not 100% comfortable with.

I tried conservative treatments and I did not improve and I decided to have Dr. Stewart surgically correct my foot and lower leg. I had my surgery in February 2018. My big toe is now straight, the arthritis in my joint is gone and the second toe has been corrected and the pain is gone. In addition, Dr. Stewart loosened my gastrocnemius tissue in my calf to allow more range of motion in my ankle. This has really help with the chronic ankle range of motion issues I have been dealing with for years.

Now 6 months later, I have improved ankle range of motion, no pain in my toes or feet, no large bump on top of my foot and I’m walking normally with no foot or hip pain.

Dr. Stewart and his staff are such a pleasure to work with. They are constantly welcoming and happy to do whatever they can for you–whether writing notes for work or prescriptions or answering insurance questions.

Dr. Stewart is attentive and always assured me I could call anytime if I had questions.

This is a practice I would recommend highly to anyone who is experiencing foot and/or ankle issues.

Frani Wartow

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