Debbie Custer (Rebecca Custer’s Mom)


“My daughter was suffering from a painful ingrown right big toenail for 2-3 weeks. We treated it at home by soaking the toe in salt water, but it did not get better. She is a very active 13 year-old as she plays lots of sports. The pain was limiting her ability to play and she was even having pain with shoes during the day.

Dr. Stewart had successfully treated her for a similar condition on the left foot several years ago. We gave Dr. Stewart a call for the condition and he was able to get us right in for an appointment. Although my daughter was understandably scared to have the ingrown nail removed, she was ultimately very happy when the procedure was over as she had immediate pain relief. In fact, she was back to playing sports pain free within one week.

The entire process was very easy as Dr. Stewart provided us with detailed instructions as well as a wound kit to treat the condition at home. It was so nice to see my daughter smiling from ear to ear at her follow-up, as she was pain free. Both my daughter and I were very happy with our treatment and would no hesitate to recommend the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center and Dr. Stewart.”

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