Dawn Macreadie, CRNP (Certified Registered Nurse Practicioner)


My name is Dawn & I started seeing Dr. Stewart in April 2012 due to severe right lower leg, ankle, & foot pain.

In November 2011, I was hospitalized due to severe blood clots in my pelvis & both legs. I also had bleeding in my brain & spine that led to a small stroke.

My recovery was focused on a lot of specialties, but the one area nobody, except Dr. Stewart, cared about was my severe extremity pain.

I was finally out of bed & the wheelchair, but still had very limited ability to walk without the use of a walker, cane, help from family, & severe pain. I described my pain as “electric shocks” in my ankle bone & “ripping” pain in the arch of my foot. My toes are numb. The pain would extend into the middle part of my leg. I had very limited range of motion.

I had made progress in physical therapy, but was extremely limited due to the pain. Dr. Stewart listened to my history, examined my foot, ankle, & leg, & did a sonogram. He then came up with a treatment plan that included several steroid injections, splints to wear at night on my feet & an ankle brace to wear during the day. He advised several additional exercises to my physical therapy.

Since this treatment plan was initiated, I have had some of my first 90% pain free days since I got sick in November. I will never be 100% perfect again due to multiple medical reasons, but this is wonderful. I’ve made great progress in physical therapy and will be discharged after 7 months!!!

I can now walk without a walker or cane and now only just use a custom brace!! I can even do steps & curbs now. All my other Doctors assumed this was a result of the clots or stroke that I would have to cope with, but Dr. Stewart was willing to take a look at my case & try to help me.

I’m forever grateful he tried to help me & that it was moderately successful. I’m very thankful & recommend him to anyone & everyone who has any foot or ankle problems.

Updated Report Fall 2014:

“When I first came to Dr. Stewart in April 2012 I could barely walk one block without severe and limiting foot and ankle pain. I have continued to see Dr. Stewart over the past few years and I am so excited to report that this weekend I will be participating and completing my 4th 5K (3.1 miles) walk.

I am so grateful for the care that Dr. Stewart has provided”

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