Dawn Krause


I first came to see Dr. Stewart a few years ago to see about laser treatment for my toenail fungus. It worked like a charm and has never come back.

I recently went back to see Dr. Stewart due to a sharp pain on the outside of my left foot. I thought I could just ‘work through it’ and it would eventually heal, but it kept getting worse. It turned out that there was a fracture of the outside bone on my foot and in overcompensating for the pain I had developed tendonitis along the inside of my foot and ankle. It was one big painful mess!

Dr. Stewart told me about a different type of laser treatment that targeted pain and accelerated healing. He said he’d had great success with it on other patients. I decided to go for it and signed up for ten treatments. During the course of the treatments I also wore a walking boot to keep my foot stable so it would heal.

I was progressing very well with the laser and after 10 session still had some pain and I pursued an five additional treatments, and that did the trick! The laser treatments are completely painless and after a few short weeks, I am walking normally again—no cane, no walking boot, and most importantly, no pain!

Thank you Dr. Stewart and the staff at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center

* Results may vary from person to person