Cynthia Scheiner


“For six years I have had drop foot to both of my feet. I have always worn a rigid brace for this condition. Although the brace helps with my drop foot, it causes a lot of pain on the outside of my feet and also causes blisters.

I saw Dr. Stewart for pain across the ball of my foot and I was successfully treated with a walking boot. We discussed my drop foot and the current treatment. After evaluating my drop foot, he recommended that I try a hinged ankle brace that he thought would improve my motion and decrease my pain.

I can truly say that the new-hinged brace has given me a better quality of life. I am able to exercise without pain and without getting blisters. The new braces are so lightweight that I don’t even notice that they are on.

I am so happy that Dr. Stewart provided me with this alternative that I was otherwise unaware of.”

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