Craig Dufel


I wanted to take the time to share my experience with Dr. Stewart and Timonium Foot and Ankle Center. A few years back, I injured my left ankle when I rolled it while playing basketball. After trying to treat my problem on my own for a little over a year, I felt like something else was wrong, so I decided to visit an orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist. After a few visits, x-rays, an MRI and nerve conduction testing, the doctor thought that my injury was the result of a bone spur on the back of my ankle. I had surgery to have this bone spur removed, yet after going through physical therapy, I realized the original pain was still there.

Since the outcome of my surgery wasn’t what I was hoping for, I decided to get a second opinion. I started doing my research online and read many great patient reviews about Dr. Stewart, a podiatrist and foot and ankle specialist. I made an appointment to see him and this turned out to be the best decision I could have made.

From the start, Dr. Stewart made me feel extremely comfortable and really took the time to hear all my thoughts and proposed a plan of attack. Unlike my first Doctor, Dr. Stewart laid out a plan that started with conservative care to see if we could correct this problem without having to do another surgery. We tried everything from bracing, steroid shots, supportive shoes, and custom orthotics, Unfortunately, my pain continued and after trying all the conservative care, Dr. Stewart felt the next step was surgery. My pain was on the inside of my foot and ankle and the surgery would include a tarsal tunnel release, a release of my tight calf, and removing some fluid off my tendon.

After surgery and going through physical therapy, I could tell something changed this time. During physical therapy, everything felt a lot looser and easier to stretch. Week after week my ankle progressively got better and better. Before going to Dr. Stewart, I truly thought that I was going to have to deal with this injury for the rest of my life, but thankfully I chose him and he gave me my life back. I no longer have pain in my ankle.

If anyone is having foot or ankle problems, I highly recommend consulting Dr. Stewart – he literally changed my life for the better.

Thank you, Dr. Stewart!!!

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