Colleen Mulrooney


My journey at the Timonium Foot and Ankle Center with Dr. Jordan Stewart started when I went to one of his sponsored foot and ankle injury clinics at Charm City Run in Timonium.  I’ve had a long history of injuries over my fitness journey. This time I was having pain across the top of my foot. I have seen several doctors about different issues with my feet and had never been told very simply WHY I was having continued problems.  I’m so glad I went to Charm City Run that day as Dr. Stewart was able to tell me what was causing my pain simply by looking at my foot and watching me walk! 

Very shortly after seeing Dr. Stewart at the running store, I was seen in his office for a visit. Not only did Dr. Stewart treat me for a stress fracture in my foot, but he guided me towards a successful plan keep me active while healing. I really appreciated these extra steps as it helped with my long-term success.

Just 6 months after starting to see Dr. Stewart, I was so strong and feeling so much better that I was able to summit Mount Timpanogos near Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was approximately 13 miles round trip with more than 3,800 feet of elevation, starting at 7000 ft above sea level!  There was no way I could have completed the hike safely and without injury without Dr. Stewart’s treatment.

It has now been a year since I was in a boot and I feel great and I am training for a half marathon in April- carefully and safely.  I know my limitations and best training approach based on my situation, thanks to Dr. Stewart.   Without his help I very well could be dealing with another injury right now, sidelining me from what I enjoy doing. 

Dr. Stewart improved my quality of life, was very professional, always made me feel comfortable and helped me investigate other aspects of my health using approaches I hadn’t used previously.  He is not just a great foot and ankle doctor, he’s a wonderful all-around person and a nice guy!  He truly cares about his patients and shows that in how he practices. I highly recommend him and have sent friends to him already who have had good experiences as well!

Thank you, Dr. Stewart!

Colleen Mulrooney

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