Cindy Hill


I want to take a moment to express how very happy I am with my care at Timonium Foot and Ankle Center. I am very active showing my dogs and participate in dog agility events.  This requires constant running, stopping and starting, and quick turns.  I began experiencing severe pain in my Achilles tendon after an event and I went to a physical therapist who treated me with ultrasound and ice.  I was scheduled to show at the Westminster Dog Show in New York, so with 800 mg Ibuprofen tablets, ice packs, and several rolls of K tape I headed for NYC.  Unfortunately, I was in so much pain I could not run and turn efficiently and things did not go as I had hoped. 
I came home and spoke with my goddaughter, who is also my primary care provider, Megan Shepter, CRNP and she referred me to Dr. Jordan Stewart at Timonium Foot and Ankle Center.  The care I received was outstanding. Dr. Stewart diagnosed my condition as Insertional Achilles tendinitis with digital x-rays and a physical exam. My treatment included a walking boot all day, a splint to stretch my Achilles tendon and a state of the art Class IV therapeutic laser to accelerate the healing process.  I followed the regime and am happy to say that my foot is much improved.  I continue to wear the splint at night and ice at least once per day.
I am back to running agility in a consistent and efficient manner.  I am diligent about icing between runs and on a long driving trip I get out and walk every two hours.  I just drove to South Carolina and back and had no problems or limitations at all.  Everyone at Dr. Stewart’s office if very kind, and willing to listen and adjust the treatment program to suite each the patient’s needs.  Dr. Stewart is caring and listens to your concerns and pays attention to your lifestyle and he creates a treatment plan aimed at getting you back to your activity. I have other agility friends who are also treated in the office and I have recommended this office to others.  The billing department is efficient and they accept all forms of payment.  I would recommend this office to anyone suffering with foot and/or ankle problems.  

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