Chris Schrader


“My entire life I have dealt with extremely flat feet. When I was younger my parents took me to a foot doctor and he gave me inserts for my shoes; however being a child I didn’t use them. As I got older and my feet started hurting more I just used Dr. Scholls insoles to help with the pain.

In my line of work, I am on my feet all day. When I started working, it bothered me here and there, but not to the point of extreme discomfort. Over the years I developed wear and tear on my feet to the point that it was difficult to walk around the house after a day of work.

A little over a year ago the pain was so unbearable in my left foot that I started limping constantly. The pain was so bad that it even made walking to the kitchen or the bathroom more difficult than usual. I eventually took advice from my family and sought out help from Dr. Stewart about the pain I had been having in my foot.

After one visit he was able to diagnose the problem. He told me that I had a severe flatfoot deformity and a tight Achilles tendon. He thought that I may need to have flatfoot reconstructive surgery if my pain did not improve with conservative treatment. Of course before we actually decided on the surgery, we exhausted all other treatment options. This included orthotics, physical therapy, different foot braces, new supportive sneakers, and shots in my feet.

After three months of treating my painful flatfoot, my pain was not improving. I discussed surgery with Dr. Stewart and my physical therapist and with the pain I continued to have in my foot, I really had no other option. The only thing that made me nervous was that this was my first surgery ever; major or otherwise.

However, with the confidence Dr. Stewart had in his work I knew this was the best option for me. It was a “no brainer.” We had to do it. Dr. Stewart answered every question that me and my family had. He took the time to explain the operation, the recovery, and the physical rehabilitation that I would be going through. Dr. Stewart guided me through the whole process.

After the surgery. I won’t lie, it was painful, but it wasn’t nearly as painful as the pain I had before the surgery on a daily basis. At every appointment, Dr. Stewart examined my foot and told me exactly what he was seeing and what to expect. Luckily everything went smoothly during my recovery and physical therapy.

It has been four months my surgery and I still have awhile to go until I am fully recovered, but I am able to walk and do my normal routine without pain and that was the goal from the beginning.

Thank you very much Dr. Stewart”

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