“My name is Caroline and I recently had surgery on my left foot Tailor’s bunion by Dr. Stewart.

I play sports year round including soccer and lacrosse. I became a patient of Dr. Stewart when I had several ankle sprains. I also developed a Tailor’s bunion on my left foot that became unbearably painful. Despite the pain, I kept playing sports and as a result of the compensation I developed a stress fracture and this was also very painful. After one of my games I came off of the field in tears because my foot was throbbing.

We went in to see Dr. Stewart the next day and decided we were going to do surgery to correct my Tailor’s bunion. I needed the surgery to happen right away if I wanted to play soccer for my school team. He was able to find a surgery date only four days away due to a cancellation…

Dr. Stewart cut my bone and put a screw it to hold it in place. The surgery went very well and I followed all of the directions he gave me. At each checkup he would say, “It looks perfect!” I knew that if I didn’t follow his directions then I would not have been ready for soccer tryouts.

I am very thankful for Dr. Stewart’s help and I currently play on the Notre Dame Prep (NDP) JV soccer team – pain free! Dr. Stewart has always been extremely accommodating as well as easy to talk to. He clearly understood my concerns with sports and missing time from my teams. I would highly recommend him.”

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